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“Not Just Data, Knowledge” Means Reliability for Materials Testing Results


While all materials testing labs will take your samples and provide test results, the opportunity for a high level of technical support before, during, and after testing is what IMR has delivered for over 20 years. Customers rely on us for the expertise that our large staff of engineers, chemists, scientists, technicians, and support personnel apply to every testing challenge we’re presented with.

Our clear, concise reports provide the requisite data, charts, photos, and graphs all the graphs, equations, and results you need for materials characterization. However, when a discussion is needed of test results, our lab personnel regularly make themselves available by phone, email, or video conference. It’s common for customers to ask follow-up questions to learn more about how the tests proceeded, any unusual observations, or applicable analyses of the results. Many times, we can suggest corrective actions to mitigate future problems.

When quality control, component design, failure analysis, or speed-to-market is a critical criteria of your materials testing job, “Not Just Data, Knowledge” becomes a powerful tool for assessing product feasibility (or determining performance failure). We lessen the risk of choosing a new testing partner due to our experience as an independent, accredited lab for the aerospace, medical device, additive manufacturing, transportation, and energy industries. Visit our Accreditations page for a current listing of Nadcap and A2LA accreditations, as well as certificates from many of the world’s largest manufacturers.

More importantly, IMR provides extensive experience with a wide range of ASTM and custom destructive testing methods. Replicating material stresses and operating conditions during the testing process helps define load capacities and characteristics of a wide array of common and advanced metallic and non-metallic materials.  

For more information on how to put IMR’s knowledge to work for you, call (888) 464-8422 or email us at

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