Composite and polymer testing identifies material characteristics to ensure products meet required standards.  Due to the variety of applications for composites and polymers, different tests and styles of tests may be required.

Our concise reports include stress-strain diagrams with data on proportional and elastic limits, yield points and strength, and compressive strength- critical information for material evaluation and selection.

Our multi-disciplinary testing approach draws on the expertise of our engineers, chemists, and technologists. In-house sample preparation is performed by experienced machinists to reduce turnaround time and ensure accurate sample cutting.

Composite Testing Services

  • Prepreg Layup
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Polymer Identification
  • Contaminant Analysis
  • Thermal Testing
  • Physical Testing

Fiber-reinforced composites are strong, lightweight, corrosion and heat-resistant, making them ideal for use in aerospace, automotive, and energy industries.

Modern materials require significant testing and validation to ensure that the raw materials and final products are manufactured and cured correctly for the intended application.

Our experienced staff works directly with you to implement your test plan. Our composites lab provides routine production control testing, support for R&D efforts to manufacturers in a wide range of industries from infrastructure to aerospace.

Our fiber-reinforced composites, polymer, plastics, and coatings experts are well-versed in the failure modes of these materials. Our analyses provides you with clear, concise report that explains the contributing factors of the failure and suggestions to prevent a recurrence.

Composite Testing- Industries Served

Composite Testing- FAQ

How long does composite testing take?

Composite materials testing is typically a process that can be completed quickly, with many taking 1 to 3 days. However, complex test programs can have extended lead times.  A discussion with a knowledgeable IMR Test Labs Test Engineer will yield an accurate program timeline. 

What types of composite testing are performed?

IMR Test Labs provides composite materials testing such as taber abrasion, prepreg, composite layup, hardness, microstructure, chemical analysis, tensile testing, compression, and many others.

What industries need composite testing?

Almost every manufacturing industry uses some type of polymer.  IMR Test polymer testing laboratory tests and prepares analytic reports for the aerospace, automotive, medical device, and additive manufacturing industries and countless others. 

How is composite testing performed?

Composite materials can be tested by being bent, stretched, exposed to pressure, exposed to simulated atmospheric conditions, and analyzed chemically.

Is there an ASTM standard for polymer testing?

The ASTM standard for Composite Materials testing is: ASTM D4762-18 “Standard Guide for Testing Polymer Matrix Composite Materials”

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