Not Just Data, Knowledge


... it's what sets IMR Test Labs apart from our competitors. While all materials testing labs will take your samples and provide you with test results, that is where their assistance usually ends. What elevates IMR is the access you have to our large staff of engineers, chemists, scientists, PhD's and technicians and the knowledge they deliver. 

Our customers regularly rely on the in-depth presentation of their materials test results provided in our concise, complete reports with their requisite data, charts, photos, and graphs. However, each customer is free to talk to the staff that worked on their material to ask follow up questions and learn more about how the tests proceeded, any unusual observations, or get more interpretation of the test results. It is rare for a lab to have such open communications with their customers.

More importantly, IMR’s experience with a wide range of destructive testing of many metallic and non-metallic materials enables us to guide our customers to solutions that help improve the performance of their products. That’s Not Just Data, Knowledge!

For more information on how to put IMR's knowledge to work for you, call 888-464-8422 or email us at [email protected]

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