Customized Onsite Testing Lab Solutions In Your Facility

If you require rapid turnaround for your materials testing reports to keep your production and delivery timelines on track, IMR has a solution.


Our solution is perfect if you need rapid turnaround time for results, and nimble testing protocols for any of the following:
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Metallurgical Evaluation
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Coating Evaluation
  • Corrosion Testing
IMR can provide a lab tailored to your needs, staffed with experienced IMR technicians, in or near your facility. 


Rapid Turnaround- Testing and analysis can occur during your production cycles, enabling your manufacturing process to gather data on your materials characteristics.
Right Sized– IMR provides a custom-tailored solution based on our Testing Needs Evaluation Process™. This collaborative approach creates a strategy with economies of scale and the ability to respond rapidly to changing needs.

Reduce Delivery Costs/ Delays- with an IMR Onsite Lab Solution, there's no need to pay overnight delivery or same-day courier charges to send and receive your samples.

Low Risk- With IMR's 20+ years of materials testing and analytical services experience, we provide accurate, timely results relied upon by OEM's and vendors around the world.

OEM Specifications- IMR calibrates all testing equipment to meet our customer's specifications.

Trained Lab Technicians- IMR staffs our onsite labs with fully trained and experienced personnel that specialize in your required testing and evaluation methods.

Global Backup- Our 3 North American labs and 2 Asian labs are available to address special needs.

onsite materials testing lab solutions from imr test labs

 To find out more about Customized Onsite Lab Solutions, call us or click below.

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