Microstructural Analysis Services


Aerospace research has shown that the subtle subsurface damage caused by out of tolerance machining conditions creates sites where fatigue cracking can start, leading to component failure. IMR’s labs in NY and Singapore specialize in evaluating machined surfaces for evidence of damage from Aggressive and Abusive machining conditions.

During the manufacturing process, improper material feeds, speeds, or dulled tooling can leave high stress areas where cracks can initiate. These very small defects can result in distortion in the microstructure, which can lead to failure of the part or component, resulting in premature repair or replacement.

IMR Test Labs has the ability to perform the high-precision sample preparation needed to be able to resolve the subtle near-surface distortion and damage characteristics of non-optimal machining conditions, as well as a number of highly trained and experienced metallographers in our New York and Singapore laboratories. This allows us to meet your schedule needs even on large programs.

Some of the defects can include

  • Laps and tears
  • Grain distortion
  • White Layer
  • Strain Lines

Manufacturers of critical components such as disks, blisks, blades and shrouds rely on  IMR Test Labs. For more information on IMR's microstructural analysis capabilities, click here to request a quote, or click the button below.

Alpha Case
Case Depth
Certified Weld Inspections
Coatings Evaluations
Coating Thickness by SEM, Cross Section
Case Depth
Depth of Decarburization
Determination of Delta Ferrite Content
Determination of Volume Fraction by Point Count
Effective Case Depth
Failure Analysis
Fastener Discontinuities
Fluorescent Impregnation of Porous Coatings
Fracture Mechanics
Grain Size
Inclusion Content/Rating
Intergranular Attack
Intergranular Oxidation
Light Microscopy - Macro, Micro & SEM Photography
Machining Evaluations
Microhardness (Knoop, Vickers, MacroVickers)
Orientation in Microstructure
Particle Analysis (Distribution, ID, Size)
Phase Volume Determination
Pipeline Integrity
Plating Evaluations
Plating Thickness
Porosity of Metals, Ceramics & Composites
Prior Austenitic Grain Boundary Determination
Replication (ASTM E1351)
Quantitative Image Analysis
Surface Evaluation (Dubpernell Active Site Test ASTM B456 Appx 4)
Surface Topography
Thermal Spray Coating Analysis
Titanium Beta Transus Determination
Weld Qualification & Testing


Pratt & Whitney 7b

Click here for a complete list of accreditations and certifications for all IMR Test Labs locations.

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