Flammability Testing Services


IMR's flammability testing lab is designed to evaluate ignition susceptibility, and burning propagation of polymer materials.

IMR performs Vertical Burn Testing to ASTM D5132; FMVSS 302; ISO 3795; SAE J369; UL94 (except Section 10-radiant panel).

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Accelerated Aging (Heat, Fluids)
Bond Strength
Brookfield Rotational Viscosity
Coefficient of Expansion
Coefficient of Friction
Composite Testing
Compression Set
Compressive Properties (-240ºF to 660ºF)
Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)
Failure Analysis
Flammability (UL94, FMVSS 302, ISO 3795, SAE J369, ASTM D5132)
Fatigue Testing
Flexural Properties (-240ºF to 660ºF)
Gardner Impact
Glass Transition
Gloss (ASTM D523, D4039)
Hardness Testing (Barcol, Durometer/Shore)
Hazardous Substance Testing
Heat Deflection by TMA (E2092)
Impact Strength
Kinematic Viscosity
Lap Shear Testing
Melt Flow Rate/Index
Melting Point
Polymer Testing
SEM-EDS for Fillers
Taber Abrasion
Tear Resistance of Films & Sheeting
Tear of Rubbers & Elastomers
Tensile Properties (-240F to 660F)
UV Exposure

Contaminant Identification
Corrosion Failure
Litigation/Expert Witness Services
Nonmetallic Failure Analysis
Structural Failures
Warranty Returns

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