Mechanical / Physical Testing Services


Abrasion (Taber)
Adhesion (Peel) Testing
Bend Testing
Bond Strength Testing
Charpy Impact Testing (-320°F to 450°F)
Climbing Drum Adhesion of Sandwich Composites
Coating Adhesion
Coating Shear Fatigue
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion by TMA
Composite Testing (Fiber Reinforced)
Compression Set
Compressive Properties
Core Shear Properties of Sandwich Construction by Beam Flexure
Creep and Stress Rupture Testing
DMA (Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer)
Elastic Modulus
Fatigue Testing
Filled Hole Tension & Compression
Flat-wise Tensile Testing
Flexural Properties
Floating Roller Peel Strength
Fracture Mechanics
Gel Time
Hardness (Rockwell, Brinell, Durometer, Shore, Barcol, Knoop, Vickers, Macro Vickers)
Heat Aging
Heat Deflection by TMA
Heat Treatment (furnace to 2100°F)
Hydrogen Embrittlement
Hydrostatic Pressure
Indentation Toughness
Interlaminar Shear
Jominy Hardenability
Lap Shear Testing
Machining & Specimen Preparation
Modulus of Rupture (MOR)
n-Value (Strain Hardening Exponent)
Open Hole Tension and Compression
Pipeline Integrity Testing
r-Value (Plastic Strain Ratio)
Residual Strength of Composites After Impact
Rotating Beam Fatigue
Shear Testing of Rivets to ASTM B565, Single/Double
Short Beam Strength
Shot Peen Qualification
Single-Edged Notched beams (SENB)
Slow Strain Rate (G129)
Specimen Conditioning
Strain Gaging
Surface Roughness (ANSI/ASME B46.1)
T Peel Strength
Tear Resistance of Films & Sheeting
Tear - Rubbers & Elastomers
Tensile Testing
Torsional and Axial Fatigue (200 lb)
Tube Testing (Tensile, Flare, Hydrostatic)
Welder & Procedure Qualification
Wire/Spring Testing (Wrap, Coil, Bend)
Young's, Tangent and Chord Modulus (Room Temperature)
Young's, Tangent and Chord Modulus (Room Temperature)

Axial Fatigue (-320°F  to 1800ºF)

  • - Displacement Controlled
  • - Strain Controlled
  • - Load Controlled

Coating Shear Fatigue
Cryogenic Fatigue Testing (-320°F)
Fracture Mechanics
Fracture Toughness (K1C)
High Temperature (up to 1800°F)
HCF- High Cycle Fatigue
LCF- Low Cycle Fatigue
Rotating Beam Fatigue 
Thermal Spray Coating Fatigue
Three and Four Point Bend Fatigue

C-Ring Corrosion Testing Cyclic
Cyclic Potentiodynamic Polarization Measurements (F2129)
Dezincification Testing
Electrochemical Corrosion Testing
Environmental Stress Cracking (ESC)
Evaluation of Duplex Stainless Steels
Formicary (Ant’s Nest) Corrosion
General and Pitting Corrosion Testing
Heat & Fluid Aging
Immersion Corrosion Testing
Mercurous Nitrate Testing
Moist Ammonia Vapor Testing
Passivation Testing of Medical Components
Potentiodynamic Corrosion
Residual and Assembly Stress Testing of Copper Alloys
Sensitization Testing
Slow Strain Rate Testing (G129)
Susceptibility to stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC)

Accelerated Aging (Heat, Fluids)
Bond Strength
Brookfield Rotational Viscosity
Coefficient of Expansion
Coefficient of Friction
Composite Testing
Compression Set
Compressive Properties (-240ºF to 660ºF)
Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)
Failure Analysis
Flammability (UL94, FMVSS 302, ISO 3795, SAE J369, ASTM D5132)
Fatigue Testing
Flexural Properties (-240ºF to 660ºF)
Gardner Impact
Glass Transition
Gloss (ASTM D523, D4039)
Hardness Testing (Barcol, Durometer/Shore)
Hazardous Substance Testing
Heat Deflection by TMA (E2092)
Impact Strength
Kinematic Viscosity
Lap Shear Testing
Melt Flow Rate/Index
Melting Point
Polymer Testing
SEM-EDS for Fillers
Taber Abrasion
Tear Resistance of Films & Sheeting
Tear of Rubbers & Elastomers
Tensile Properties (-240F to 660F)
UV Exposure

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